The 20th Nordic Road Congress, 9 - 11 June 2008 Helsinki, Finland  










Congress Programme

The work carried out within NRA aims at promoting the development of roads and road transport in the Nordic countries. Traditionally this is achieved by teamwork and exchange of information and experiences in the professional networks formed by the Technical Committees. During the four-year period preceding the Via Nordica 2008 congress, special emphasis has been put on the on-going restructuring of road management, customer orientation and co-operation between different parties within the road sector as well as between different modes of transportation.

The themes of the Via Nordica 2008 congress underline the same issues with a strong emphasis on the way towards a sustainable future. The motto of the congress is:

Via Nordica - the Road Ahead

Theme 1: Focusing on people

Theme 2: Safe service for all road users

Theme 3: How do we move and what moves us in the future?

Theme 4: The road ahead

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